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Freimund Tardif PLLC was founded in 2007 as Freimund Jackson Tardif, LLP.  Mike Tardif organized the firm when he retired from the Attorney General’s Office after 34 years of practice.  Most of Mike’s AGO career was in the Torts Division, defending claims against state agencies.  Jeff Freimund began has legal career in 1987 as a Department and Social and Health Services litigation attorney, soon moving to the Torts Division, where he became trial team leader for the DSHS and several other state agencies.  He then became Assistant Division Chief of the Torts Division. 

From 2009 to 2012, the firm of Benedict Garratt affiliated with FJT while partners Kathy Benedict and Sally Garratt prepared for retirement and closure of their firm.  The focus of Benedict Garratt was administrative and regulatory law.   When Sally and Kathy retired in 2012, FJT continued service to some of their clients, particularly on certificate of need appeals for health care providers, which remains a firm specialty.  

In 2020, the firm became Freimund Tardif, PLLC when two partners started a practice in Olympia. Freimund Tardif hired three associates, and former partner Kathy Benedict returned from retirement to be Of Counsel with our firm. At the same time, FT arranged a merger with Simmons, Smith, Sweeney PS, which had a similar municipal practice to that of FT, but also had an insurance defense practice.  The goal of the merger for each firm was to increase resources and availability of experienced defense attorneys for the increasing number of complex deep pocket cases faced by the combined firm’s state, municipal, risk pool, and sometimes private, clients and their insurers.   

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