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In 2022, Freimund Tardif, PLLC merged with the law firm Simmons Sweeney Smith, PS to become Simmons Sweeney Freimund Smith Tardif, PLLC, defending public agencies, businesses and individuals statewide.

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Together, our team has over 250 years combined experience representing government in all aspects of litigation, achieving hundreds of settlements and successful jury verdicts for our clients.

With this unique and immeasurable experience, our firm will handle your civil defense matter competently and professionally. Whether you are faced with a catastrophic injury in a road-related accident, a claim of liability for crime or police misconduct, or a claim for severe injury to or sexual abuse of children, our skilled attorneys are here.

SSFST primarily represents governments, municipalities, insurance companies, and individual officials in the defense of civil liability claims brought against them. We are trusted by large insurance companies, and regularly contracted by State and local governments, and insurance companies to handle large and complex matters.

To learn more about our skilled attorneys, please visit Our Team.

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